Monday, July 25, 2016

Mo-town living

It's time for my quarterly update on the blog! I guess last time I just talked about dogs and cats, so I'll talk a little bit more about Blake and me. Blake and I have both switched jobs since I last blogged. I was liking my salon job at first, but after a while it seemed like it wasn't a great fit for me right now. I started working for my brother Monday thru Thursday at his orthodontic office and have just been doing hair from home. I've been liking it a lot and am glad I still get to play with hair in my free time.

Blake got a new job with a different pharmaceutical company, but he ends up going out of town 1-2 nights per week. His territory covers San Jose down to Visalia (south of Fresno), so he does A LOT of driving. And, on top of that he's serving as the Young Men's President, so he stays pretty busy. I've been serving as the Laurel advisor, so it's been nice to go to mutual together every Tuesday.

Our summer has been filled with lots of weekend trips to Utah and LA and we've been having a blast. We took Blake's little brother, Tyler, to Disneyland in June and had a great time. From open to close, we managed to visit 35 attractions. That includes rides, shows, and food stops, but we really killed it. Our favorite thing to do is ride Grizzly River Rapids over and over and see how wet we can get. The best time to go is when it's dark and the lines are short and then sometimes the cast members let you ride again without getting off. I also got my highest score ever at Toy Story Mania and I'm pretty proud of that.

Don't they look like twins?

My brother graduated from Dental school and I'm so proud of him. Five of us six kids were able to go, along with my mom and Blake.  

The downside to my brother graduating is that I'm far away from this little girl now. She is seriously the sweetest little thing. So smiley and funny. I loved giving her her first haircut.

Next on our summer agenda is heading to the West Family Reunion in Palm Springs on Wednesday. It's supposed to be 115 degrees. Yikes. Wish us luck. 

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